One Million Moms: We Pressured Super Bowl Advertisers Into Tamer Commercials

“Dear Joe, Results from One Million Moms Super Bowl efforts have not gone unnoticed! After several years of speaking out about inappropriate commercials during the Super Bowl and also thanking those who kept it clean and used their financial dollars wisely, One Million Moms saw positive change on the advertising during the big game this year. Even though there is still room for improvement, One Million Moms believes that our voice is being heard. Your efforts have helped make a huge difference for families all across the country! Families should be able to watch the game together if they choose, and this year’s game was remarkably different than in years past because viewers were not bombarded with sexually explicit and disgusting ads during every commercial break. Parents should remain on guard, but it is encouraging to see that our voice kept crudeness to a minimum. Way to go! Keep up the great work!” – Monica Cole, president of One Million Moms, via email.