Liberty Counsel: Impeach Obama

Fresh off a long and unbroken string of losses in the federal courts, the Liberty Counsel today launched a petition campaign which calls on Congress to file articles of impeachment against President Obama. From Liberty Counsel head Mat Staver:

Our constitutional republic exists to secure the rights bestowed upon individual Americans by God. Civil government can only do its job if it first gets permission from the People. Government is therefore placed under the control of the People and exists to serve the interests of the People. When any government begins to run rough-shod over the People, or when government behaves in a way that contradicts the will of the People, or when government infringes upon the civil rights of the People, then the People have an overriding Right and Duty to change their government and make it behave, or, failing that, they have a Right and Duty to abolish that abusive government and craft a replacement as they see fit. Simply put: In America, we do not suffer tyrants! It is not only the Right of the People, but their Duty, to throw off an abusive government and appoint others devoted to serve as protectors of Liberty, Life, and the pursuit of Happiness.

Bolding is Staver’s. Of course, to sign the petition you must supply your email address. And then you’ll get the Liberty Counsel’s thrice-weekly money begs.