INDIANA: State Senate To Hear Gay Marriage Ban Bill This Afternoon
UPDATE: Live Stream Is Beginning

UPDATE: The Senate committee hearing is about to begin. Watch it live here. Each side gets 90 minutes and the hate groups are going first. NOM and the Family Research Council are in the chamber. Follow on Twitter at the hashtag #HJR3.

UPDATE II: The second speaker was Kelly Fiedorek from Alliance Defending Freedom. Perhaps you recall the OTHER lawyer from her hate group?

UPDATE III: The third speaker is FRC vice president Peter Sprigg, who has called for criminalizing homosexuality and “exporting” LGBT Americans to foreign countries.

The Indiana state Senate Rules Committee will meet this afternoon to consider the constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

The Indiana House approved the proposal last month after nixing hotly contested language that also would ban same-sex civil unions. The amendment won broad bipartisan support in 2011 and must pass the Legislature again this session to go to voters in a November referendum. The House’s move to leave out the amendment’s so-called “second sentence” that would ban same-sex civil unions could jeopardize that and delay the referendum for another two years. Gov. Mike Pence says he supports the original proposal and has refused to comment further as lawmakers hash out the details.

If one is available I’ll post a live video link shortly before proceedings begin. Expect the usual hate groups to be on hand to testify. NOM is staging a hate rally outside the courthouse at 1PM.