INDIANA: NOM To Rally On Monday

Via NOM’s blog:

Calling all Indiana Marriage Champions. The Indiana Marriage Amendment (HJR 3) will be considered by the Senate Rules and Legislative Procedures Committee on Monday, February 10th. We need as many people as possible to come to the State House on Monday to support the people’s right to vote on the Marriage Amendment. Senators have been clear in their request – “get as many people out as you can.” Marriage Champions need to show the Senate that HJR 3 must be passed in its original form, including restoring the ‘second sentence’ removed by the House in January. If the Senate fails to restore the ‘second sentence’ and pass HJR 3 as it was written in 2011, the people’s right to vote on the Amendment in 2014 will be seriously in jeopardy.

Let’s hope LGBT Hoosiers and our allies also turn out in big numbers.