“Ex-Gay” Has The Google Doodle Sadz

“I noticed late yesterday that you are once again showing your normal, homo-fascist attitude by shoving a pro-homosexual image in the face of everyone who uses your search engine. Just one problem with your gay-pandering manipulations, Google… Russian law does not prohibit homosexuals from participating in the Olympic sporting events. They are there! It simply prevents them from propagating their lies and blatant immorality to the public, and more specifically, to children citizens of Russia. You, Google, on the other hand, violate the very quotation you posted there, each and every time you discriminate against the Christian viewpoint of hope that offers people freedom from homosexual sin and behaviors. There is absolutely no ‘mutual understanding’ from you, or from the homosexual activists that you pander to in that regard… NONE WHATSOEVER!” – “Ex-gay” activist Dean Bailey, in a open letter to Google published by Porno Pete.