Coca-Cola And Chevrolet To Run Gay-Inclusive Ads During The Olympics

From the New York Times:

Some marketers are seeking to respond to the protesters without agreeing to their demand to condemn the Russian law. During the opening ceremony coverage, Coca-Cola plans to run a 90-second version of “America Is Beautiful,” its 60-second Super Bowl commercial by Wieden & Kennedy that salutes diversity, and generated complaints from some viewers who expressed outrage that “America the Beautiful” was sung in multiple languages along with English. Also during that coverage, Chevrolet plans a commercial for its Traverse minivan with diverse families — including two same-sex couples — to illustrate a theme, “The New Us.” The spot was created by the Commonwealth unit of the McCann Worldgroup.

You likely are already familiar with the now-famous Coke ad. I haven’t found the Chevy ad yet.