Chris Barron Resigns From GOProud

GOProud founder Chris Barron is furious about the deal in which CPAC has invited the group back to attend this year after two years of being banned. Last night he resigned from GOProud’s board of directors. Chris Geidner reports at Buzzfeed:

“Last night I resigned from the Board of GOProud, the organization that I co-founded back in April of 2009. I cannot in good conscience sit by and watch as the current leadership of the organization disingenuously pawns off an unconditional surrender to the forces of bigotry as some sort of ‘compromise,’” Barron told BuzzFeed. “Nothing has changed in regards to GOProud and CPAC, GOProud does not have a booth, they are not a sponsor, they are not participating in any formal sense – individual members can attend and that’s exactly the terms ACU dictated the previous few years.” In fact, the National Journal states as much, noting, “Two former GOProud summer interns, Ross Hemminger and Matt Bechstein, took over last summer and sought to repair the bitterly frayed relationship. Under a compromise reached last week, they will attend the March 6-8 gathering as guests, without sponsorship or a booth.”

In 2011 Barron stepped down as GOProud president. Last month GOProud co-founder Jimmy LaSalvia left the Republican Party entirely.