Bright Light Bright Light & Elton John –
I Wish We Were Leaving

I’ve been posting clips by Welsh gay artist Rod Thomas for seven years and I’ve always thought he was going to be huge. His latest might finally break him through. Via the Guardian:

The first single and title track from sophisticated electropop connoisseur Bright Light Bright Light, aka Rod Thomas’, new EP I Wish We Were Leaving wasn’t supposed to be a duet. In a story I think we all can relate to, Thomas was working on the song when he received a phone call from close personal friend Elton John who wanted him to know how much he enjoyed his debut album, 2012’s Make Me Believe In Hope. “From then I kept hearing his voice on the track,” Thomas explains. “In time I played him I Wish We Were Leaving and he added his vocals. Although it wasn’t written as a duet, I love that his voice taking lead in the second verse is a reminder that every relationship has two sides and two voices.” For Elton it meant working in a slightly different way to what he’s been used to: “Working with Bright Light Bright Light was a challenge for me as I love electronica but am quite ignorant on the recording process. I had to sing in a completely different way which I really enjoyed.”