AZ Rep. Chad Campbell Reports Death Threat After Epic Defense Of LGBT Rights

If you watched yesterday’s Arizona House debate, you’ll know that the only bright points of the entire disgusting exercise were the impassioned defenses of the LGBT community delivered by Democratic Minority Leader Rep. Chad Campbell. Apparently some of God’s Gentle People didn’t like that. Campbell, not incidentally, is straight and married to a woman.

RELATED: Last year the Phoenix Tea Party launched a failed recall drive against Campbell due to his support of new gun control laws proposed in the wake of the shooting of former US Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Campbell, 40, will be term-limited out of office this year and was considered a top 2014 Democratic gubernatorial prospect, but in September he announced on his Facebook page that he will not be running. Let’s hope the reaction to yesterday’s performance on the House floor causes him to reconsider.