Anti-Gay Crackpot Paul Cameron: I’m Open To Death Penalty For Homosexuality

Radio host David Pakman writes us:

Dr. Paul Cameron of the Family Research Institute said today that he not only favors the Ugandan anti-gay law which indicates prison as a punishment for homosexuality, he added that he consulted with Ugandan officials on the law, and that he would be open to the idea of the death penalty as a punishment for homosexuality. Cameron refused to answer, however, the logistics of how he would carry out and administer death sentences for LGBT individuals. Dr. Cameron was removed from the American Psychological Association during the 1980’s for alleged misrepresentation of research to make his anti-gay claims — something he continued to do during today’s interview on The David Pakman Show. Cameron’s defense is that he resigned from the APA, while the APA counters that Cameron resigned after being told he was being investigated, which is a violation of the APA’s policies.

Should you have forgotten, Cameron is the freak show who claims that gay men die at an average age of 42, a ridiculous lie that is often repeated by anti-gay and “ex-gay” groups. He is also the founder of the Family Research Institute, which is listed as a hate group by the SPLC.