Afternoon View – DC Hotel

I’m in DC for the annual LGBT media convention and also in our hotel is the winter meeting of the Democratic National Committee. The place is swarming with German shepherds and ominous-looking men in trench coats. (I thought better of taking their photo, the guys above are DC cops, who are here by the dozens.) President Obama is due to give an address here shortly.

“The choice for Democrats is quite clear. Opportunity for a few – or opportunity for all. See, as Democrats, we have a different idea of what the future looks like – an idea rooted in our conviction that our economy grows best not from the top-down, but from the middle-out. That’s what our opportunity agenda offers,” Obama is expected to say in his prepared remarks. The President will also continue to tout his 2014 approach to use executive actions to pursue his agenda. “Obviously, this is an election year. But an election that’s eight months away shouldn’t stop us from making progress right now. I’ve said I want to work with Congress wherever I can – and there are places we can work together to get things done. But I’ve also shown that in this year of action, whenever I can act on my own to expand opportunity for more Americans, I will,” Obama will say according to the excerpts released by a White House official.