FRANCE: Thousands Of Anti-Gay Right Wingers Protest President Hollande

Torrential rains forced France’s famed anti-gay Hommen into a totally not homoerotic group huddle during yesterday’s protest against President Francois Hollande. As is typical for France’s neo-Nazi supported anti-gay movement, things got violent.

Several thousand people marched through Paris on Sunday in a “Day of Anger” against embattled President Francois Hollande which ended in clashes between police and protesters. Security forces used tear gas to disperse several hundred youths who lobbed police with bottles, fireworks, iron bars and dustbins. Police on Monday said at least 250 people had been arrested after the clashes, during which 12 officers were injured. Interior Minister Manuel Valls condemned the violence “by individuals, varied groups from the extreme and ultra-right, whose only goal is to create unrest”. The march organised by a motley group of some 50 small and mainly right-wing organisations, however failed to attract bigger anti-Hollande movements. Organisers claimed a turnout of some 120,000 people, however police estimated there were 17,000 people at the protest, held under pouring rain. The demonstrators railed against a slew of policies under Hollande – the most unpopular French president of modern times – such as last year’s law allowing gay marriage.

In the video below you’ll see two men performing the quenelle, which is a 21st century French version of the Nazi salute.

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