Eugene Delguadio: Let’s Crash The Inauguration Of VA Gov. Terry McAuliffe

Eugene Delgaudio is calling on his supporters to crash tomorrow’s inauguration for Virginia Gov.-Elect Terry McAuliffe. Via his press release published today by Christian Newswire:

The conservative Public Advocate group is distributing thousands of commemorative badges marking the inauguration of a liberal governor Saturday, January 11 in Richmond. The group is opposing Governor-elect McAuliffe’s anti-family legislation or any so-called pro-homosexual executive orders. Public Advocate’s signs and commemorative badges will have the following message on them: “Preserve Traditional Marriage, Inauguration Day January 11, 2014 Richmond, Virginia.” “We are here at the Inauguration of Governor Terry McAuliffe to express demands from a majority of Virginians and Americans that traditional marriage and religious liberty be preserved not attacked. We urge the Governor, and all the delegates and state senators to defend Virginia’s families,” said Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

And there a typically lame video.