Breitbart Attacks Chris Kluwe

An excerpt

What Kluwe fails to grasp, as many in today’s society often do, is that NFL teams are private organizations: as such, they can release an employee for any reason that is not contrary to the law (e.g., race) and is not contractually forbidden. Moreover, the contracts players often sign with the teams include all manner of behavioral clauses, likely including that the player’s actions on-and-off the field not reflect poorly on the team. Oh, and did I mention the players have a very strong union that protects them? Somehow, however, Kluwe wishes for the reader to believe he is a victim of homophobes and cowardly-servants-of-homophoboes who wouldn’t just let-Chris-be-Chris.

Firing Phil Robertson for damaging the brand of his employer? That’s an outraaage and a violation of Holy Word of the Baby Jesus. Firing Chris Kluwe for speaking his mind? Why that’s just how things work in corporate America! Praise! Glory!