Obamacare: Sign Up Cuz It’s Hot

A new video that encourages Obamacare enrollment has the wingnuts howling. Via Talking Points Memo:

The video, done by a President Obama impersonator, parodies Snoop Dogg’s hit “Drop It Like It’s Hot.” “And if you need that new healthcare, sign up cause it’s hot,” the performer sings in the video. An innocuous parody? Hardly. Rove, the former right-hand man to a president who donned a flight suit and landed on an aircraft carrier before delivering a nationally televised speech, said he worries about “something that seems to aim at glorification of the commander-in-chief.” “[The video] disturbingly gets too close to the line,” Rove said. Van Susteren agreed and said the video is “sort of insulting to young people because it says get Obamacare because it’s cool, not because substantively it is a good program for you, it’s important for your health.”