AMC Theatres To Host National Screening Of Movie Featuring Anti-Gay Activists

On May 6th, AMC Theatres will host a one-time national screening of Irreplaceable, a movie produced by Focus On The Family. Among the anti-gay talking heads in the film is Rabbi Shmuel Goldin, who is perhaps best known for his campaign against the publication of gay wedding announcements in Jewish newspapers. Also in the movie is ex-gay torture advocate Dr. Miriam Grossman, the author of You’re Teaching My Children WHAT? Other anti-gay figures that appear in the film include right wing talker Eric Metaxas and film critic/Prop 8 proponent Michael Medved.

IRREPLACEABLE follows one man’s journey to determine if traditional families are still relevant to our world. The documentary explores the importance of family with a diversity of experts who enlighten audiences on whether the concept of the traditional family is meaningful, or in fact outdated. IRREPLACEABLE asks families of all faiths and backgrounds to consider the questions, “What is a family?,” “Is today’s family dynamic in trouble?,” “Are families relevant in today’s society?,” and “Is my family worth fighting for in an era where divorce is so prevalent?”

JMG reader Jim reports that a brief trailer for Irreplaceable began playing in AMC multiplexes this week. Here’s a longer trailer posted by the studio in October. You’ll note that there is only a fleeting mention of same-sex marriage.

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