Tweet Of The Day – Thomas Peters

We’re still wondering why Brown and NOM failed to participate in last week’s social media fundraising campaign for Peters’ medical care. According to his blog, they raised $60K. Not incidentally, Peters’ follow-up tweet to this one links to a Catholic Vote story about Bishop Thomas Paprocki’s gay marriage exorcism in Illinois. An excerpt from Paprocki’s words:

The work of discouragement by the Devil in same-sex marriage is apparent in the message being conveyed to defenders of traditional marriage that the universal redefinition of marriage is unstoppable, so we might as well just stop trying. But the legalization of abortion on demand forty years ago did not silence those who believe that abortion is contrary to God’s law. On the contrary, Roe v. Wade only heightened the need for more concerted efforts to protect all human life from conception to natural death. So, too, the legal redefinition of civil marriage does not put an end to the need for discourse and action to defend natural marriage in accord with God’s plan, but only serves to heighten the need for greater efforts in this regard.