Today In Tea Party Hypocrisy

“Judges have lifetime tenure. Activist judges can read their views into the Constitution. We saw it when the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act this year and upheld ObamaCare last year. But frustrated by his inability to ram some of the most radical nominees in history through the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid — with the president cheering from the sidelines — just abolished the judicial filibuster. Now, all Reid needs is 51 votes, out of 55 Senate Democrats, to confirm literally anyone the president nominates. The president could even nominate his Marxist buddy Bill Ayers to the federal bench and probably get him confirmed. You would think the spectacular failure of ObamaCare would have tempered
his hubris. Instead, it’s fed his already enormous ego. Truly, this
president is out of control.” – Tea Party Unity president Rick Scarborough, in a press release published today by Christian Newswire.

And now…we go back in time.

“In just the past two weeks, Scarborough has recruited 2,000 more
Christian ministers for his Patriot Pastor network, boosting total
membership of the three-year-old alliance to about 5,000 members. The
Senate returns tomorrow from a one-week recess, and the showdown over
judges could come sometime in the next few weeks. Scarborough is part of a constellation of Christian right and socially
conservative groups that are spending millions to mobilize their
followers to pressure the Senate to try to break a Democratic logjam
blocking some of Bush’s most conservative and controversial judicial
Focus on the Family has run ads in favor of the filibuster
rule change and co-sponsored with the Family Research Council a
televised Sunday evening simulcast.” – From a May 2005 article in the Washington Post. (Tipped by JMG reader Kyle)