NEW JERSEY: Gay Republican Don Guardian Elected Mayor Of Atlantic Ciy

Openly gay Republican Don Guardian has been elected mayor of Atlantic City.

“It’s very humbling,” said Guardian, who admitted he worried down to the last few districts as the numbers came in for the tight race. “Sometimes David beats Goliath,” the mayor-elect told supporters who crowded into the Tun Tavern to hear him claim victory. He joked about writing three speeches, including a concession speech and one if the race were “too close to call.” Those who gathered cheered that he didn’t need to give either one of those. Before the speech, he admitted he was unsure victory would come. Guardian, who is openly gay, joked during his speech about his partner, Louis Fatato, bringing him back to normal Wednesday by having him cook and clean.

Atlantic City’s incumbent mayor Lorenzo Langford had several public battles with Chris Christie over the last few years.

Langford, a former casino dealer, previously ran the city from 2002 to 2005 and won a special election in 2008 and a full term in 2009. Langford was mayor when both Tropical Storm Irene and Superstorm Sandy swamped his city. Right after Sandy hit, Christie, with whom Langford has clashed repeatedly, blasted him for not fully evacuating the city. Langford rejected the criticism and defended his handling of the storm and its aftermath.

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NOTE: The first draft of this post incorrectly named the city as Asbury Park. I’m tired, y’all.