Homocon Kevin DuJan Is Very Upset That “Perverts” Might View Porn At The Library

We haven’t heard much from Chicago homocon Kevin DuJan lately as he appears to have abandoned his Sarah Palin fan site. He hasn’t posted there in six months and his co-blogger Megan Fox hasn’t posted since September. (Of course, Tea Party sites such as World Net Daily continue to repeat DuJan’s infamous claim that President Obama goes to bathhouses.) The current obsession for Fox and DuJan is that a Chicago area library is letting “perverts” view porn on its computers. Via the Chicago Tribune:

Fox wrote a letter to Orland Park library officials and followed up at a library board meeting last month, confronting officials about their policy and posting a video online of the meeting that has been viewed nearly 10,000 times. The Orland Park Public Library cites the First Amendment in explaining why it allows patrons to look up anything — including pornography — on its adult-only computers so long as the material isn’t illegal or obscene. “Let’s see how long their so-called First Amendment rights to porn can stand up against angry parents,” said Fox, who lives in a nearby suburb but said she uses the Orland Park library often. “Who do they think they are?” “We do not filter access to our adult computer area,” library spokeswoman Bridget Bittman said. “We believe people have a right to access that legal information.”

Here’s the clip mentioned above by the Tribune. That’s DuJan with the camera. I made a comment yesterday over at YouTube and it was instantly deleted, of course.