VIRGINIA: “Ex-Gay” Wackos PFOX Want Universities To Torture LGBT Students

The crackpots at Voice Of The Voiceless went “undercover” at seven Virginia universities to see if they would be offered information abut “ex-gay” treatments if they asked for it. Of course, they were told to get lost, so now they are very upset. PFOX is joining in today via press release:

In response to an undercover investigation, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays is urging the governor and legislature of Virginia to stop funding gay-transvestite centers at Virginia’s public universities because they use the money to indoctrinate youth into changing their religion to gay-affirming faiths and actively seek to discredit the ex-gay community. “Virginia taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to fund hatred and discrimination against ex-gays and people of faith,” said Regina Griggs, executive director of PFOX. “These biased and discriminatory lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/questioning centers hide ex-gay resources and insist that students adopt a ‘gay-only’ mentality that rejects those who have changed their orientation from gay to straight while celebrating those who have changed their gender identity. PFOX provides ex-gay brochures to many Virginia state universities with LGBTQ centers, yet the investigation shows that the centers refuse to make ex-gay resources readily available to students. PFOX’s brochures urge tolerance for the ex-gay community, help students to prevent bullying at their schools, and explain gender identity confusion and unwanted same-sex attractions.”

Those “gay-transvestite centers” are just regular offices that provide LGBT student services, obviously. But “transvestite” probably sounds worse than “transgender” in their delirious minds.