Teabaggers Turn On Rick Scarborough

Last week Tea Party Unity head Rick Scarborough and Porno Pete declared that it would be great if Christians would file a class action lawsuit against homosexuality. And how it was very sad that that they haven’t found the ideal client, namely a gay high school boy with AIDS to be the face of that suit. The asinine notion of suing something as abstract as a sexual attraction evoked widespread mocking throughout the interwebs and now even Tea Party groups are furiously backpedaling away from Scarborough.

From a press release published by Breitbart:

As one of the true founding Tea Party groups, TeaParty365 would like to take this opportunity to once again, and once-and-for-all, distance ourselves –and the larger Tea Party Movement– from the self-serving antics of Rick Scarborough, and his ilk. TeaParty365 does not support this idiotic notion. We feel it is counter-productive to the national conversation, and ultimately harmful to the Tea Party brand, and the country. While he may very well also believe in Smaller Government, Fiscal Responsibility, Personal Responsibility, and The Constitution, his personal war against homosexuality has nothings –zero, nada, zilch– to do with the Tea Party. Although Tea Party Unity may claim to be a “leading national Tea Party group,” please understand that they do not –repeat: DO NOT represent the Tea Party Movement.

Read the full statement.