NOM: Gay Marriage Is A Vote Loser

Posted today to NOM’s blog:

In England, a recent report showed that nearly two-thirds of MP’s believe that supporting gay ‘marriage’ is a ‘vote loser.’ And reports from local Conservative associations show a rapid decline in membership, with gay marriage seen as one of the reasons. Now even the Prime Minister, David Cameron, is saying that he regrets “forcing” marriage redefinition through the Parliament. The same can be said in America. Despite the droning drumbeat of the mainstream media, nearly two-thirds – 65 percent – of Americans disapprove of redefining marriage. During the November 2012 elections, true marriage out-polled the Romney campaign in all four states marriage was on the ballot – by double digit margins! It seems English politicians have already learned what the GOP in America – and all its candidates – need to grasp. Defending marriage as one man and one woman is a winning issue at the polls.

FACT CHECK: Aside from the inconvenient truth that equal marriage WON in all four of those states, Cameron has denied making those claims of “regret.”