HomoQuotable – Daniel O’Donnell

“I was in the New York State Court of Appeals courtroom in 2005 when New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s lawyers argued to reverse the state of New York’s first court ruling in favor of marriage equality. Now Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey is making increasingly desperate attempts to appeal his own state’s decision before New Jersey couples can obtain licenses on Oc. 21. It should be even clearer to Christie than it was to Bloomberg that he is advocating for yesterday’s policies. Those of us who are fighting for LGBT rights must make it clear to him that his position is inexcusable, especially in 2013. [snip] It is time to tell Gov. Christie that his opposition to marriage equality is unacceptable, especially in 2013. I am hopeful that New Jersey’s Supreme Court will soon end Gov. Christie’s final frantic bid to stop marriage equality in his state. Maybe then he will learn that a man who opposes equality for all is yesterday’s politician, not today’s, and certainly not tomorrow’s.” – New York state Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell, writing for the Huffington Post.