HAWAII: House Committee To Hear Marriage Testimony Today

Hawaii’s House Judiciary and Finance Committee will hear marriage equality testimony today. And the hearing looks to be another agonizing marathon like we saw in the Senate on Tuesday.

To accommodate the expected high numbers of people wishing to testify on SB1 and to allow testifiers to plan their time accordingly, the House Judiciary and Finance Committees plan to begin the public hearing at 10am and end at midnight. At that time if there are people who signed up to testify still waiting to speak, the hearing will be continued on Friday, November 1 at a time to be determined. Due to the anticipated high volume of testifiers for the October 31, 2013 House hearing on SB1 relating to equal rights, the Judiciary and Finance Committees will assign registration numbers to people who submit testimony and wish to testify in-person.

I’ll post links to the live stream late this afternoon. Presumably more of the batshit crazy nutters from the other day will make an appearance.