Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates Named Head Of Boy Scouts USA

Former US Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who championed the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, has been named president of Boy Scouts USA. From their website:

Gates’ appointment was made upon the recommendation of national volunteer and professional leaders including the BSA national nominating committee. This move means that upon approval of voting members of the National Council, Gates would begin a two-year term as the BSA national president in May 2014 and lead the National Executive Board, which guides the Boy Scouts of America as it serves approximately 2.6 million youth members. “There is no finer program for preparing American boys for citizenship and leadership than the Boy Scouts of America. As an Eagle Scout, I know firsthand how impactful this program can be and I believe its mission is more important today than ever before,” said Gates. “I am honored to take on this role and look forward to working on behalf of the millions of youth and adult members who make Scouting what it is today—an organization providing life-changing opportunities to today’s youth.”

Gates once hailed the repeal of DADT as a moment for “common sense and common decency.” Let’s hope he instills some of that ethic with  the Boy Scouts.