CA Woman Ticketed For Glassholery

A California woman has gotten the first-ever ticket for driving while wearing Google Glass. Via Dennis Romero at LA Weekly:

Google Glass enthusiast Cecilia Abadie says she was ticketed for using the internet-connected device even though, she claims, it wasn’t active when she was driving. The computer scientist posted her California Highway Patrol souvenir for the world to see on her Google+ page last night. The ticket says “Driving with Monitor visible to Driver (Google Glass).” Abadie was also cited for going 85 in a 65 miles per hour zone during yesterday’s stop. “The speeding was justified as I was in a 65 mph zone and thought I was on a 75mph zone,” she says in comments to her Google+ post.

According to the above-linked article, California law stipulates that drivers may not be exposed to a monitor except for GPS devices. I haven’t owned a car in nearly two decades, but don’t many vehicles have a monitor embedded right in the dashboard these days?