TRAILER: Jesus 2015

Yet another End Times flick, only in this one Jesus is apparently a burglar.

A White Male Age 33 identified only as “Chris Doe” was arrested for 415,459 (Burglary in Progress) and taken into custody by L.A.P.D. on May,13th 2013 in Venice California. Chris Doe was booked and processed at The Pacific Station in Los Angeles, routine prints, DNA samples were collected from said individual. Chris Doe was released from Los Angeles County Jail due to overcrowding on May 15th 2013 at 1:42 p.m. An arraignment date for Chris Doe has been set for August,15th 2013 at The Los Angeles Criminal Court 210 West Temple Street room 119 L.A. 90012. A report from Aundergene Forensic DNA laboratories dated June,4 2013. The D.N.A. submitted from the arrest of Chris Doe Male Age 33 May 13th 2013 has specific and positive match 99999.9 to D.N.A. reserved in bank collected samples originating from The Shroud of Turin.