SAN FRANCISCO: World’s First LGBT Gamer Convention Makes Its Debut

GaymerX, the world’s first convention for LGBT gaming geeks, was held this weekend in San Francisco, where over 2000 fans enjoyed gaming panels, booths, concerts, cosplay, and parties. Sponsors of the event included GLAAD, the Trevor Project, Electronic Arts, and XBox. Gaming site Kotaku tells us about one of the weekend’s most memorable moments:

Ellen McLain, the voice of GlaDOS from Portal made an appearance at the GaymerX convention and sang ‘Still Alive’. That’s pretty cool in and of itself, but perhaps not newsworthy. But what happened next? Well, that’s the best part. This is truly one of the best video game related proposals I’ve ever seen. Prepare for tears! I don’t want to ruin it by summarising it in some way that totally doesn’t capture how cool this is, so just watch it and set your face to ‘blub.’

Fast forward to the 4:00 minute mark if (like me) you don’t know what Portal is and therefore won’t know its theme song.