Quote Of The Day – Joey Prever

“Dear Friends, I’ve never written a letter to Everyone In The World before. I’m writing to tell you that I’m gay. [snip] You probably know this already, but I’m celibate, because I’m
Catholic. You will not hear me talking about When Oh When Will The
Church Get With The Times, because that kind of talk is boring nonsense.
Guys, the whole point of having the Church is having one thing, just
one!, that you can depend on to always be the same. Thank God for that.
If you want a church that constantly changes to fit in with
whatever’s fashionable this decade, there are a bazillion options, and
you’re bound to find one that is custom-tailored to your particular set
of prejudices. Happy shopping. It’s actually harder to come out as celibate than to come out as gay.
Various people have pitied me, or tried to convince me that my life is
vewwy vewwy sad, or tried to talk me out of it, or even surreptitiously
tried to set me up with their gay friends. If you do this shit, I will
not spin-kick you in the face, but I will very badly want to.” – Formerly anonymous Catholic blogger Joey Prever, in a post that NOM’s Damian Goddard says is “heroic.”