Quote Of The Day – Gwen Landolt

“Just who does [Canadian Foreign Minister] John Baird think he is, using taxpayers’ money to
promote his own personal agenda and endeavouring to set standards of the
laws of foreign countries?  He argues that homosexual rights are a
‘Canadian value’, but this applies only to himself and his fellow
activists and the left-wing elitists.  These are not conservative values
and that of grass roots Canadians, who after all, pay the bulk of the
taxes. Mr. Baird’s actions are highly offensive to conservative taxpayers. 
He cannot and must not undermine other countries’ sovereignty and
dignity, rooted in stable family structures and religious faith, in
order to impose his own value system on them. Mr. Baird’s actions are destructive to the conservative base in Canada and causing collateral damage to his party.” – REAL Women Of Canada vice president Gwen Landolt, attacking Baird for last week’s fiery denouncement of Russia’s treatment of LGBT citizens. (Tipped by JMG reader Charlie)