Quote Of The Day: Father Richard Perozich

“I personally have been in attendance where Dr. Scott Lively speaks on
the issues of sexuality. He is courteous, biblical, and loving toward
anyone who is not following chaste biblical living. He relates his many
years of persecution by those who disagree with him. He tries to bring
people to Christ for the salvation of their souls. He is once more a
victim of an ideology which demands total submission to its agenda, this
time in the form of the judiciary.

“In ancient Rome, rather than kneel before the false gods of the Romans,
Christians were stripped of their power, their possessions, their
freedom, and finally their lives. In the United States of the year 2013,
Christians like Dr. Lively once again refuse to bow down to the false
gods of lust and homosexuality and refuse to offer them the ignoble
sacrifices of ‘equality,’ ‘rights,’ ‘justice’ and ‘fairness’ that they

In this 21st century of the end times,

“Dr. Lively shows fidelity to the
Lordship of Jesus as the way to salvation, and he witnesses this through
his martyrdom. The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Christian
faith. God bless you, Dr. Lively. We Christians stand with you.” – Father Richard Perozich, of the Archdiocese of San Diego, in a message to Renew America.