PENNSYLVANIA: Anti-Gay Rep Calls For Impeaching Pro-Gay Marriage Policiticans

Virulently anti-gay Pennsylvania state Rep. Daryl Melcalf has called for the impeachment of officials who back same-sex marriage.  Via the anti-gay LifeSiteNews:

State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-Butler, has said [Attorney General Kathleen] Kane’s actions merit impeachment, because they spread “lawlessness.” “I think breaking the law is worthy of impeachment,” Metcalfe told local media. “Her duty is to defend the law. Shortly after her announcement, Montgomery County Register of Wills D. Bruce Hanes began issuing marriage licenses to homosexuals, despite the fact that state law forbids such unions. As of Friday afternoon, Hanes had issued 62 marriage licenses to homosexual couples, and 13 of their recipients have completed wedding ceremonies. “By her example, this Montgomery County official felt emboldened to violate the law also,” Metcalfe said. He believes Hanes should be impeached, as well. By the laws of the state, Hanes is “charged with carrying out the law of Pennsylvania and this individual breaks the law.” “Ultimately, I think there might be an impeachment procedure,” he said. “The legislature could remove this individual from office for violating the law.”

RELATED: Two months ago Metcalf used a chamber rule to stop openly gay state Rep. Brian Sims from speaking about the historic DOMA ruling on the state House floor, saying that Sims was in “open rebellion against God’s law.” In 2011 and in 2012 Metcalfe introduced bills to insert a ban on same-sex marriage into the state constitution.  Both attempts failed. Still pending is the constitutional ban introduced by Metcalf in March of this year.