NOM: Marriage Emergency In New Mexico!

“Same-sex ‘marriage’ activists in New Mexico are not content to wait for the courts. Now they have found a county clerk willing to defy the Governor and Attorney General by issuing illegal ‘marriage’ licenses to same-sex couples. The battle for marriage as God designed has come to The Land of Enchantment; and it’s your turn to stand in the breach. Every person who believes marriage to be the union of one man and one woman needs to contact Governor Martinez, urging her and her administration to give their full support to the defense of marriage. This latest action goes beyond the pending lawsuits in New Mexico and moves into the realm of lawlessness and anarchy. County Clerks are not free to make up law on their own; it is there job to uphold the law and serve the people who elected them.” – Hate group leader Brian Brown, who is once again very upset that a county clerk is doing exactly what hate groups have demanded of clerks in states where marriage was legalized.