Matt Barber’s Prayer For America

“Father God, Son and Holy Spirit, Maker of heaven and earth, You are the
First Cause of these United States of America. You are the Author of all
that is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and
praiseworthy. We confess that we have perverted Your design for human sexuality. We
have taken sins that You deem ‘abominable’ and called them ‘equality.’
We have mocked marriage, spurred divorce, scorned purity, glorified
promiscuity, sexualized our children, belittled our stay-at-home
mothers, stunted natural reproduction and called it all ‘liberation.’ Your word tells us that ‘the wages of sin is death.’ Indeed, as died
many once mighty, hard-fallen nations before us, justice demands that we
reap a yield most destructive. And we may yet. Even still, we implore You to suspend sentence. For these and
manifold sins, hitherto unnamed, of both act and omission – individual
and corporate – we beg your forgiveness, Lord Jesus.” – Hate group leader Matt Barber, writing for Townhall.