LZ Granderson On Russia

“In talking about the
1936 Olympics, I do not equate what is happening in Russia to what
happened to Jewish people during World War II. I just want to remind you
that the Holocaust did not happen overnight. It was subtle. Surgical. In silence. These new anti-gay laws
are disturbingly similar to the anti-Semitic Nuremberg laws Hitler
passed before the 1936 Olympics. And with the Pew Institute finding 84%
of Russians believe society should reject gay people, perhaps some
saying they object to gays for fear of arrest, the world should question
how far Russia intends to go. We should question how
far Russia, our lukewarm ally, intends to go and what our participation
in the 2014 Olympic Games will look like generations from now.” – Openly gay sports journalist LZ Granderson, writing for CNN.  Hit the link and read the full essay.