HomoQuotable – Christopher Doyle

“July 31, 2013 was a great day for former homosexuals in America! While the turnout was humble, the enthusiasm among those who participated in Ex-Gay Pride was immeasurable. Anti-ex-gay extremists are gleeful that ‘less than ten people showed up’…actually, by my count, nine former homosexuals (including an ex-transgender) and a half-dozen more allies came out to lobby Congress and show support at the press conference in front of the Supreme Court. While that number may be small, we have to start somewhere.

“But let’s imagine double that number showed up, or maybe 50, or perhaps even 100. Would that be enough? For anti-ex-gay extremists, it would not. In my view, it is significant in our current anti-ex-gay climate that even ONE former homosexual is willing to share their experience and speak out publicly. So why do activists make such a big deal over the numbers? The reason is because they want to make it seem like the only ex-gays who are vocal are a small group of profiteers that are fooling vulnerable individuals; in essence, they claim we are liars and charlatans that are misleading others.” – Christopher Doyle, conveniently omitting that he appeared on the American Family Association’s radio show where it was predicted that “thousands of ‘ex-gays’ will descend upon Washington DC tomorrow.”