Christian Radio Host Stan Solomon: That Faggot Dan Savage Deserves To Die

Right Wing Watch notes that previous guests on Solomon’s show include Phyllis Schlafly, Alan Keyes, GOP Virginia lieutenant governor candidate E.W. Jackson, and Gun Owners of America head Larry Pratt. A partial transcript from the below clip:

“Jews, homosexuals, blacks, gays, Islamists, you may think they’re disparate groups, they’re not, they’re all tools. Because while we’re mad at these two punks, we’re mad at Trayvon Martin, that thug that deserves to be dead and I’m glad he’s dead. Pieces of crap, homosexuals like what’s that one guy’s name? [Dan] Savage. That faggot. That horrible, awful, terrible excuse for a human being who is at the White House promoting attacks on Christians. I hope he dies — he probably will — of every disease known. By the way, I’m sending him a fire hydrant for his birthday, I’m hoping he’ll sit on it; he’ll slide all the way down to the ground. Sorry fire hydrant fans, I don’t mean to insult fire hydrants.”

RELATED: In 2010 Solomon resigned from the US House campaign of Marvin Scott after gay blogger Bil Browning published
numerous anti-gay tweets in which he said loving Christian things like
“GAY = Got AIDS Yet?” Browning noted at the time that Solomon has also
called for the murder of abortion providers.  Solomon’s website sells crackpot items like colloidal silver and books by Randall Terry.