Brian Brown Has The Prop 8 Sadz

“The way that activist judges have dealt with Proposition 8 is a travesty
of justice and undermines the rule of law and the democratic process
itself. The legitimate votes of 7 million Californians,
and their fair-minded, reasonable position that marriage should be
defined as the union of one man and one woman, have been trampled
underfoot by derelict politicians and activist judges. However, this is
not the end of the debate. No judge or politician can redefine what God
has created. NOM and our allies will work to make sure the people of
California, and other states where marriage has been redefined have a
voice speaking for true marriage. So-called same-sex ‘marriage’ is a
political creation; it doesn’t exist in reality. Eventually it will
fall, and we will restore natural marriage in California.” – Hate group leader Brian Brown, in his tenth case of the super-sadz in the last twelve months.