Monthly Archives: July 2013

Putin Signs “Gay Propaganda” Bill

Yesterday Russian President Vladimir Putin signed Russia’s national bill against “gay propaganda” into law. The law will introduce fines of up to 5000 rubles ($150, €115) for individuals who promote information ‘directed at forming non-traditional sexual setup’ in minors. It will be illegal to say gay relationships are equal to straight ones. Gay rights campaigners say it will make homophobia …

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Exorcism Of The Day

Russian demons! During Bob Larson’s recent visit to Russia, he spoke to thousands of people, and found plenty of people who had demons — Vitali was one of them! He was very lonely — his friends had deserted him, his relatives had left him, he wanted to die. Only his mother would speak to him. It seems that drugs was …

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SPOILER: True Blood

Stay out of the comments if you’ve not yet seen last night’s episode. Otherwise dive in and dish.

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