NOM’s Frank Schubert Has The Sadz

“I feel like we were cheated. Just like I felt as a kid watching the
bad guy put a sleeper hold on his opponent, or hitting him below the
belt or with the brass knuckles while the referee had his back turned,
so have the legal system and politicians cold-cocked the people of
California—seven million of whom went to the polls to lawfully enact
Prop 8. Only this time, I realize there’s not likely to be a rematch.
The cheaters won.

“I feel like the rule of law has been shredded, and conniving
politicians have been rewarded for ignoring their sworn oath of office.
Public confidence in the judicial system has been dealt a severe blow.
Supporters of same-sex “marriage” may be happy with the result today,
but hold on until the tables are turned and a conservative governor and
attorney general refuse to defend a law they don’t personally support,
and there’s nobody left with standing to defend it.” – NOM marketing mastermind Frank Schubert, in an epic 2500-word case of the super sadz.