NOM Cheers First Democrat To Back Federal Marriage Ban Amendment

Brian Brown is thrilled.

It has been announced that the first Democrat (hopefully of many!) has joined as a cosponsor: Rep. Nick Rahall of West Virginia’s 3rd District! Rep. Rahall’s support proves once again that marriage is an issue that cuts past partisan politics and special interests, speaking universally to our shared common sense principles, such as every child’s right to have both a mom and a dad. The progress already made on getting this amendment to a vote on the floor of the House is only possible because NOM supporters like you band together and take the time to tell your elected leaders that you, and the majority of Americans, stand for marriage — and that those who represent us in Washington need to do the same.

One Democrat and a very measly 39 out of 234 House GOP members have signed on as cosponsors of a bill that wouldn’t have the remotest fuck of a chance of passage even if every Republican backed it. But Brian Brown has do something to keep snatching those Social Security checks from the hands of seniors.