HomoQuotable – Robert Oscar Lopez

marriage is a done deal. The only reason I had a stake in it is
children’s rights. If you browse through my blog, you’ll find that I do a
lot of work on three basic human rights regarding children — 1. Kids
have a right to be born free, not bought or sold. 2. Kids have a right to a mom and dad (see Unicef 2012
on children’s rights to civil traditions, also you can look at my piece
on the blog about the Declaration of Independence and what this means
for rights to a mom and dad.) 3. Kids have a right to know and bond with
their authentic (biological) origins. 

marriage has been put forward to advance homosexual parenting, which
tramples on all three rights and opens the way for a return to chattel
slavery, because gays have to change laws in order to make it possible
for them to buy children. They won’t call it buying children but that’s
essentially what international adoption on demand, sperm banking, and
surrogacy are.” – Homocon anti-gay activist Robert Oscar Lopez, surrendering on marriage equality. (Via Good As You)

RELATED: In addition to appearing on stage at an anti-gay Manif
Pour Tous rally in France, Lopez has testified against LGBT equality
before several state legislatures and he co-signed an anti-gay homocon
brief to the Supreme Court.