Editorial Of The Day

From the Washington Post editorial board:

Last week Loudoun’s all-Republican board, correctly concluding that it must police its own members, followed suit by formally censuring Mr. Delgaudio. The board stripped him of office staff, barred him from serving on any local boards or commissions and seized control of his annual office budget of about $120,000. On his own authority, Mr. Delgaudio will now be allowed to use the office copier, up to a limit of $30 per month, and not much else.

The grand jurors made a special point of noticing that Mr. Delgaudio, preoccupied as he is by what he regards as the radical homosexual menace, has little time to deal with the actual problems of his constituents. This has been the real nub of the Delgaudio problem all these years — the man is not a public servant in any meaningful sense of the words.

In fact, he is a clown masquerading as a politician. He has repeatedly embarrassed the county and constituents he serves, saddling Loudoun with an ill-deserved aura of hayseedery. He owes his longevity in politics mainly to the fact that just a few thousand voters in each district turn out for the off-year supervisors’ elections in Loudoun; most of those who are eligible pay no attention. With luck, they will be on to Mr. Delgaudio, should he run in 2015, and send him packing.

(Tipped by JMG reader Blair)