Dustin Lance Black: I Won’t Boycott Movie

Openly gay Oscar winner and activist Dustin Lance Black says he won’t take part in the boycott of Ender’s Game.  Via the New York Times:

Not every advocate of gay equality and same-sex marriage is convinced that turning away from “Ender’s Game,” which cost about $110 million to make, is the best way to counter Mr. Card. “No way am I boycotting,” said Dustin Lance Black, who in 2009 won an Oscar for writing “Milk,” about the gay activist Harvey Milk, and who campaigned against California’s Proposition 8, which sought to ban gay marriage. Speaking from London on Wednesday, Mr. Black — who, like Mr. Card, comes from a Mormon family — said he would rather engage with, than shut out, political and cultural adversaries. “We haven’t been getting the numbers we’ve seen by disengaging,” Mr. Black said, referring to a rise in public acceptance of same-sex marriage and other measures of gay equality.

NOTE: Buried in the middle of the above-linked article is mention that Orson Scott Card left NOM’s board of directors sometime this year.  I’m guessing that’s why he felt free to describe the same-sex marriage battle as now “moot.”  NOM, for their part, has not yet officially commented on Card’s surrender.