California Supreme Court Denies Bid To Stop Same-Sex Marriages

Via SCOTUSblog:

The California Supreme Court on Monday afternoon refused to order county clerks throughout the state to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The state court noted on the docket for the case (Hollingsworth v. O’Connell, S211990) that it had refused a stay or injunction that would immediately mean that licenses would be allowed only to opposite-sex couples in the state. Because the docket notation did not mention the state’s plea to deny all relief to the supporters of the ban on same-sex marriage, the larger issue of whether “Proposition 8″ remains in force anywhere in the state presumably will go forward before the state’s highest court under an already existing briefing schedule. July 22 is the due date for state officials to react to the broader question.

Judicial activists! Black robed tyrants! Revolution!

UPDATE: Chad Griffin, HRC head and former AFER leader, reacts via press release.

Our opponents have failed in a desperate attempt to deny happiness and protections to lesbian and gay couples and their children and no amount of legal wrangling is going to undo that joy. Marriage equality has returned to the Golden State and just as David Blankenhorn, the star witness for Prop 8 came to support marriage equality, I hope others will open their hearts and minds and realize that marriage will soon come to all 50 states in this country. On that day we will all be more American.