CALIFORNIA: Hate Group Seeks County Clerks Who Will Defy Supreme Court

Save California head Randy Thomasson:

I need your help to sensitize them to respect the constitution and the voters. We need to find one or more county clerks who believe in the exclusivity of man-woman marriage as well as his oath to abide by the state constitution, and who is not overwhelmingly afraid of liberal forces.Such a clerk, who is locally elected, is likely to be in the Central Valley and other parts of California that are strongly for man-woman marriage. Tell them that: As a public servant accountable to the county voters, you have sworn to uphold the state Constitution and the written statutes. In the controversy over same-sex marriage licenses, you must abide by the written constitution and what it tells you to do, not bow down to what a biased state official or agency opines and tells you to do.

Hit the link for Thomasson’s map of where he believes such clerks will be found. (Via Good As You)

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Earlier this year Thomasson called for Christian parents to keep their kids home on the Day Of Silence. Last year Thomasson had a hissy fit over the renaming of a San Diego street for Harvey Milk. In 2011 Save California head Randy Thomasson claimed that Harvey Milk Day would  “unleash a tsunami of perversity” that would include “mock gay weddings” at public schools. In 2010 Thomasson claimed that Harvey Milk Day would include “cross-dressing contests” and that Milk endorsed pedophilia. In 2009 Thomasson claimed that Harvey Milk Day would mean that California had passed Massachusetts in the “sexual indoctrination
of children.”