BRITAIN: Anti-Gay Christian B&B Owner Exposed For Attempted Adultery

Remember that poor Christian couple in the UK that was so horribly oppressed by homofascists after they refused to rent to a gay couple and then lost their case? Here’s today’s sanctity of marriage hypocrisy alert:

Obsessed Mike Wilkinson, 58, made passes at Sacha Williams-Rowe when she sought comfort at his church after being stabbed by her ex-boyfriend. The father-of-four yesterday admitted his infatuation with the vulnerable single mum, saying: “I developed feelings I shouldn’t have. I got too close.”

Wilkinson showered Sacha, 32, with gifts, including a pink Bible, a watch and silver chain and cross. He also paid off nearly £2,000 in rent arrears but begged Sacha to hide it from his wife. He sent her hundreds of texts, saying he wanted to give her the “biggest, longest, warmest most exciting hug ever and kisses everywhere you allow”. And he told her: “I love you sooo much. I couldn’t sleep properly. Kept thinking of you and squeezing my pillow.”

The Sunday Mirror is publishing the details of Wilkinson’s behaviour in a bid to expose his hypocrisy. The church leader and his religious wife, Susanne, sparked ­national outrage in 2010 when they told Michael Black, 64, and his partner John Morgan, 59, they could not stay in the same bed at the £75-a-night Swiss Bed and Breakfast in Cookham, Berkshire.

Last October a British court ordered the couple to pay £3,600 to the gay men, prompting Pastor Wilkinson to declare, “For us, sex when you’re unmarried is a sin before God.”  Shortly after the ruling was announced, far right National Party leader and member of the European Parliament Nick Griffin tweeted the home address of the gay couple, threatening to send a “justice team” to their home for their “relentless bullying” of Pastor Wilkinson and his wife. Griffin was then investigated by the police for making threats against the couple.

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