Brian Brown: Send Me Money To Stop California Attorney General Kamala Harris

“If you think that things couldn’t get much worse out of Washington, imagine what it would be like with Kamala Harris as US Attorney General or, God forbid, a member of the US Supreme Court. What would she do with the power of those two offices when we’ve already seen her utterly abandon her sworn oath of office, willingly manipulate the legal system to get a result she wants, and then lie about what the Supreme Court has decided in a major case?

“I shudder to think about it. We need your help to stop Kamala Harris and people like her. Please give generously so that NOM can fight back against any politician who suggests that our place — and that of the vast majority of Americans who believe marriage means one man/one woman — is on the sidelines.” – Hate group leader Brian Brown, who does not specify how, exactly, giving him money is going to “save Prop 8” or stop Harris from doing anything.