Beyonce/Jay-Z Fallout: House Bill Would Further Restrict Travel To Cuba

Jay-Z and Beyonce took a trip to Cuba to celebrate their fifth anniversary earlier this year, prompting nasty criticism from the wingnuts, who really hate the pop superstars for backing Obama. This week the GOP took its revenge.

Americans can travel to Cuba only with the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s okay, and trips are generally limited to academic, cultural, religious or journalistic pursuits. But the U.S. House of Representatives appropriations subcommittee on Tuesday passed what some are calling the “Jay-Z and Beyoncé” bill, which would restrict travel to academic visits. Bronx Rep. Jose Serrano, the panel’s top Democrat and a proponent of opening up Cuba to U.S. tourism, said the provision was an explicit “response to the trip by Beyoncé and Jay-Z.”

Serrano added that he does not expect the bill to pass.